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Following Jesus is designed to be lived together, in community.  As humans, we were made to give, receive, and do life with others.  We value these relationships as essential to living out the Gospel.

We support the youth in our community, providing young people with mentors, a place to gather, and programs that create passionate, compassionate adults.

Would you like to be a part of our warm and wonderful group of volunteers? Attend a training session and join us! The training is free. A background cost $10. We can cover that for you. but if a volunteer is able to pay for their own that allows more for our resources to go to the actual homeless.
Training sessions are held regularly at St. Johns Episcopal Church, 665 E Gladys. Perhaps we will see you soon!
Call  541-571-2075

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We believe the Gospel really is Good News meant to be shared with all people!  We value sharing Jesus with our words and our lives - individually, in community, and corporately.  

Made to Thrive's Mission is to stop the cycle of child abuse and neglect by bringing the physical and emotional benefits of sports, adventure activities, music and art to vulnerable youth

Our purpose is to share the Word of God through actions of endless love…doing little acts of careless giving…as well as reach past our own abilities to do huge acts of careless giving…to be the helping hand to those who need a loving neighbor…and to honor God in sharing the love his son Jesus Christ shared with us!

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God calls every follower of Jesus to give generously.  A heart that is devoted to Jesus generously gives its time, its talents, and its physical resources. 

We envision a community where every individual has access to basic needs and life skills to be a productive member of the community.

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