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rental and service fees

A schedule of fees is designed to ensure the budgeted funds intended for the ministry activities of the church are not used for other purposes. Routine overhead costs including property management, utilities, maintenance supplies, service, etc. are prorated to affordable rates. Rental fees, deposits, and service charges along with the applicable discounts are detailed under "Fee Schedules" below. Members of New Hope Community Church are exempt from the "Rental Rate" section. See "Basic Guidelines" for terms and conditions of granting use requests. These are to be read and agreed to upon submission of request. Please allow 1 week for a response.

fee schedules:

Rental Rates (based on 1-5 hours usage) Rental Fees are payable to New Hope Community Church.

Auditorium                                $200

Nursery                                       $50

Classroom                                   $25

Lobby                                          $25

Fellowship Hall with Kitchen     $100

Kitchen Only                               $50

Services Provided (based on 1-5 hours usage) Service Fees are payable to the individual(s) providing the service.

Custodial - Auditorium                $105

Custodial - Nursery                       $35

Custodial - Classroom                   $35

Custodial - Lobby                          $35

Custodial - Fellowship Hall           $70

Sound/Projection Technician       $100

Technician required if using sound or projection in auditorium

Facility Coordinator                     $150

Coordinator required if no New Hope member is responsible

Deposits ( Deposit payable to New Hope Church upon request and due 48 hours prior to event)

Auditorium damage deposit              $300

Fellowship Hall w/ Kitchen deposit     $75

* Activity will be officially scheduled upon approval and receipt of deposit. Deposit will be returned upon satisfactory inspection of room condition.

New Hope Community Church's first priority in use of facilities is to conduct the various ministries of the church. Beyond regular church usage, the facilities are also available for use by church members, regular attendees and other Christian organizations.

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