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Facility Reservation basic guidelines

  1. Facilities usage may only be coordinated by an adult.

  2. Adult supervision (over 21 and out of high school) is required for all groups meeting in the facilities. Groups of Junior High or High school students must have at least one adult present. Groups of children must have at least two adults present.

  3. No groups promoting hate, violence, or any agenda in opposition to the message of New Hope Community Church will be granted use of the facilities.

  4. Service and Rental fees will apply to all requests for facility use related to business, private profit making, or commercial purposes. Members are exempt from the rental fees, but service fees still apply. Some fees are shown as payable to the person as they are non-payroll positions.

  5. Fees applicable to non-profit organizations will be considered on a case by case basis.

  6. Regular use (monthly, weekly, etc.) is negotiated on a case by case basis with special provisions that may apply.

  7. A certificate liability insurance may be requested to cover general liability.

  8. Use of facilities must be scheduled through the church office by completing official use forms at least five days prior to use.

  9. Unless otherwise approved, the building and properties must be left in the same or better condition than prior to use. Church activities will be responsible to assure the building is ready for Sunday morning.

  10. Person who completes paperwork is solely in charge of and responsible for damage.

  11. Smoking is prohibited in the building. Alcohol is prohibited in the building and on the property.

  12. Behavior in and around the building must be with respect and consideration of the primary purpose of the buildings and properties (ie. a church).

  13. Use of additional resources (televisions, dvd players, projectors, etc.) available upon prior agreement.

  14. New Hope Community Church, its officers and members are not responsible for injuries occurring on or in property during the rental of said facilities and properties.

  15. Care should be taken for security of participants and possessions. New Hope Community Church, its officers and members are not responsible for any loss of materials or items.

  16. Any misrepresentation/falsifying of information on the Request Form may lead to cancellation or termination of approval.

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