We believe the Gospel really is Good News meant to be shared with all people!  We value sharing Jesus with our words and our lives - individually, in community, and corporately.  

We're encouraging our community to spend 15 minutes/ day in God's Word. We invite you to join us in 2018 by choosing a resource that will help you get into the Scriptures on a regular basis.  There are a TON of great resources out there, here are a few that we recommend.

Scripture resources for Adults:
You Version

You Version is most powerful as a Bible App on your smart phone but can also be accessed on the web.  There are some great daily devotionals (like "The Daily Bread") that will help you make reading the Bible a regular habit.

If you're looking for a Bible reading plan that will guide you through reading all or a portion of the Bible throughout the calendar year, check out these reading plans found in the You Version App.

1. The 1 year Bible
2. Eat This Book


Bible Plans


God calls every follower of Jesus to give generously.  A heart that is devoted to Jesus generously gives its time, its talents, and its physical resources. 

The Bible Project  

The Bible Project offers some great video resources in your study of Scripture.  There's a yearly reading plan here: https://thebibleproject.com/reading-plan/
and you'll find a ton of short (5-8min) videos that help you see the basic outline of a book of the Bible or trace a specific theme throughout scripture.


Following Jesus is designed to be lived together, in community.  As humans, we were made to give, receive, and do life with others.  We value these relationships as essential to living out the Gospel.

Study Along - by yourself, with a friend or in a group.
Click here for the downloadable PDF.